Cerboli is a limestone island in the Piombino channel, about 8 km away from the Island of Elba and 6.5 km away from Piombino. The island, which was owned by the writer Carlo Cassola, passed to the heirs after the disappearance of the writer and sold by them in 2000. Today it find in the perimeter of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and is a special protection area for Bioitaly. The island has an extension of o.04 km2, its faunistic-botanical characteristics are not yet completely studied and known but, for sure, it hosts plant and animal endemisms of the Archipelago. The only signs of the distant passage of man, are a small disused quarry and some ruined ruins.

….It is still in a small cave on the south side of the island at about 12m depth. The dive begins with the entry into a siphon a few meters deep whose bottom is gravel and sand. After about ten meters of penetration it allows us to emerge on the west side of the island and look out on a landslide that gently slopes down to a depth of 45m. During our descent it is possible to find octopus, lobster, Scorpionfish, moray and beautiful yellow and red gorgonians that accompany us up to the depth of 18m. Going up and turning towards the blue of the open sea it is possible to meet barracudas and scommon dentex of reasonable size.